Schedule of classes

is the most viewed

website of the club or coach!


Use a solution that builds sales of its activities:

  • individual graphic design tailored to your brand
  • administrator access online
  • various templates (for a day, a week, weekends)
  • automatic publications on the web
  • files ready to print
  • the possibility to sign up for classes via users profile

Club graphics sells an offer of the club

and creates its visit card

The correct visualization of schedule of activities, does not only look pretty, but as more important provides clear and interesting content, that builds relation with the customer.

Not everyone uses advanced management systems, but everyone organizes activities for its customers.

See how easy and simple it is to manage schedules online anywhere, at any time


Have you got several places where you organize classes at the same time? Are you organizing an event? Ideally suited for this a template: one-day schedule.

The customer who intends to train in a club can see what is happening at the same time – can thus plan time for himself and for his loved ones.

If your club has a swimming pool, through this template, you can introduce occupancy of individual pool tracks in a simple and convenient form.


The most popular week schedule, which clearly shows the distribution of classes throughout the week.

The size of the boxes corresponds with the duration of the class, so that the customer know right away whether a training is short or long.

Clear schedule attracts customer to your club.

Special distincions, like a new form, hit, the group closed, help your customer to choose the right clesses for him.


With this schedule, you can show all classes and events that are organized at a club in next 10 days.

An additional column “a note / remark” allows to enter extra information for the client.

Information on classes with a limited number of participants, can increase their interest in a particular form.

Precise indication of a room where the classes take place decreasethe risk of a confiusion of where to go (this function is particularly useful if you change the room).

This schedule is ideal for displaying on the screen at the reception desk or locker rooms.



where the customer can sign up for classes

click on the chosen template of classes schedule







the end of manual work!


SCHEDULE FIT means asy publication of information on the network,

social media and professional file format to print



contact us!


we will help you create a schedule according to your identification,

implement a solution to help you efficiently manage information.

and your client will be always up to date with readable information.