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reaches fast and effective
more offers and
easily and simply builds
priceless loyalty
creates strong and
recognizable brand


integration with social media

Imagine that you spend less time and money for the promotion of your club. Your members – after every training – publish a post about workout they’ve done.

Thanks to the innovative solutions each of these posts will bear your logo. Participation in an event that you organized or in training – even if it took place outside  – everywhere will appear your visual identity.

Additionally, each member will be able to share information about achieved goal – lost body mass or better time result on selected distance.

No one will promote your service better than your client.

organizing club’s contests,
challenges and charity actions

Pulsstory includes a function which helps you create competitions,challenges and charity actions for selected clients.

Everyday at the club thousands of calories are being burnt off, members run hundreds of kilometers and, during the weeks they spend many hours on the workouts. You can turn it into promotion or you can use it in cooperation with a partner. There are clubs where each heartbeat during workout is being turned into help for those in need.

Ease of use enables the evidence and to count all body parameters as well as data of participation.

Ready publications help in organizing the event – starting with a poster trough attendance lists, certificates and thanks letters. Single person can support even up to 500 participants.

customized offers

On the basis of the training’s evidence, done by a club member you will know about his sport disciplines: how often, how intensive and who is he training with.

Using this knowledge you can create personalized offers and reach customers you need.

The decision about implementation of the new class, as well as defining which day of the week or hour it should take place – comes from analysis of real data and needs of your client, not from speculations.

wizard schedule of classes
Club graphics sells an offer of the club and creates its visit card. The correct visualization of schedule of activities, it’s not just look pretty, but above all the understandable and attractive content, that is being built thanks to the relationship with the customer.

See how easy and simple it is to manage schedules online from anywhere and at any time.

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