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image post in
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info graphics summarizing
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how to join the action

Have you got the idea for collecting money amongst active people?

Or maybe do you want to popularize the know how around specific problem?

Join us, we will support you, enable free the tools to manage charity action and many more people will join your event.

we will support your foundation

Real case study 

RUN FOR HELP – it’s a charity action for children with autism which had been carried out amongst triathletes and runners. Itss aim was to collect within 6 months of time as many heart beats as possible. Data had been gathered from each training and from each participation in competitions.

Each participant had to collect 1.5Million heartbeats. On the foundation’s landing page a big counter had been placed
showing the total amount of heart beats.
Thanks to solutions available in pulsstory everyone who had taken part in action ‘Run to help’ automatically joined a group goal and at the same time an individual goal had been assigned to him.
Everyone who reached individual goal (1.5 Mill heart beats) could publish an image post in social media. Synchronizing with popular applications and portals (endomondo, garminconnect, runkeeper etc.) enables a quick download – in any place – straight after finished training/workout.


While training your heart beats
not only for you.

Changing your life – you change someone else’s tomorrow…



the runners, bikers, swimmers donated

33 million heartbeats.