sport event organizer

using pulsstory:

can offer sponsors
more offers and
time and money
creates an attractive
and recognizable
event’s brand


more benefits for sponsors

The marketing changes – flyers and banners that’s all done and dusted. Your potential sponsor wants to reach a consumer with personalized offer. He wants to contact his potential customer more often than on the day of the organized event.

Using tools in pulsstory you have the access to real data of participant:

  • you know how and where he/she does the training before your event
  • you know his/her goals set for the event (e.g. finish it or to break the record)
  • you know his or her plans for the next competitions.

and thanks to this information you can:

  • place dynamically customized ads
  • publish automatically the image data in social media
  • organize so called ‘events in events’ e.g. contests or challenges linked to the sponsor
  • show and send branding statistics to the sponsor (e.g. participants/runners burnt off 23 million calories all together, their hearts stroke 100.000 times, they pumped 45 tanks of blood)

and after all, you stay in touch with participants before, during and after the event.

saving money and resources
Pulsstory reduces time-consuming tasks as for the manual data entry and analysis.

Using the dynamic base and innovative tools for automated publishing you improve and speed up work in given fields:

  • looking for an idea of the event (concept)
  • identifying potential clients (segmentation)
  • acquiring potential customer (promotion)
  • data actualization (information)
  • inside communication (organization)
  • coherent outside communication (branding)

Exemplary solutions:

  • always updated lists of participants and information about their status events
  • ready project’s templates (banners, certificates, rankings) with your logo or your sponsor
  • ‘one click’ to send certificates, thanks, invitations, ranking lists and sponsor’s advertisements to targeted group of consumers.
  • all files with projects ready for a professional print out
  • ready questionnaires evaluating your event
  • news board with most important information for your client
  • organizer’s offer visible for everyone.
creating an attractive and recognizable event’s brand

When you collect and analyze data you meet better decisions and build a brand of events that distinguish yours from other organizers offers. In pulsstory, thanks to users activity connected with modern forms of communication, participants of your events promote service and products via recommendation.

Your logo is always used properly and materials keep the visual identity coherence. Ideas for another editions evolve on the basis of real needs and consumer’s preferences.

With the help of pulsstory you can organize charity events for foundations, people in need. You can exchange collected body parameters or sports results for specified donation (e.g. burnt calories for children’s meals at schools).


event with pulsstory

how to organize sports events

more efficiently!


automatic distribution of diplomas

Diplomas for competitors are not only a pleasant gesture, but it is also a showcase of organizer. Attractive materials that participant receives after the start, remain with them and keep alive their memories of the event.
With its professional, attractive form, diplomas encourage participation in the next events of organizer.
You do not need a great effort, so that each participant will receive an attractive certificate – with pulsstory it’s just few clicks to generate diplomas, surveys and distribute them to all participants of your event. Here you can see the example.

Click to see the collection of our diplomas.

organizer’s survey

Good event, has its loyal participants. They are the basis on which you can build more new events.

For this to happen, however, you need to provide not only additional attractions but the high standard of the event.

There is nothing better than a feedback from participants of previous editions to create a renowned brand.

Thanks to it, the organizer will see what participants liked and disliked, so he can further improve the quality of the event.

Organizer’s surveys sent after the event, can provide such information. It is the best moment to prompt participants to express their impressions from the event.
An online survey sent to the participants together with a diploma is the most convenient way for them to answer organizers questions.

Click to see the example of a survey.