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conscious benefits management

Offering additional benefits for employees, co-workers or customers i.e. sport programs will strengthen their emotional bond with the company and builds their loyalty.

In addition, sport or physical activity like team games, enhance links between employees and contributes their frame of mind and health.

To make such actions efficient – an offer should meet employees preferences.

Portal gives access to information, if a given form of sport activity is wanted or what it should be replaced with.

saving resources

Investing resources in some specific segments will always generate profit.

Providing the perfect offer to the consumer not only guarantnees profit but, what’s even more important eliminates losses related with market recognition.

Portal eliminates misguided actions. Instead, proposed solutions will help achieve the goals.

Example of solutions:

  • current member lists, and information about physically active employees
  • ready-to-use survey templates, perfect to receive precise feedback
  • company message board as a main view for users
additional information

Insurance companies are able to provide better and cheaper offer for active people.

In order to verify – portal can offer personalized insight to the user profile, providing solid basis for such bargain offers.

In addition, the insurance company can get access to the list of potential customers for specialized insurance policies.